Class 5 Licence

Permits an operator to drive:


  • A two axle single motor vehicle, excluding a motorcycle

  • A two axle motor vehicle towing a trailer with one or more axles, if the trailer is not equipped with air brakes

  • A recreational vehicle or any combination of a recreational vehicle and a trailer, if the trailer has not more than two axles and is not equipped with air brakes

  • A moped

  • Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 type vehicles, for learning only


Is NOT permitted to:


  • Drive any vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than 15, while that vehicle is transporting any person in addition to the operator

  • To transport for hire


The minimum learning age is 14.

The minimum licensing age is 16.


Requirements: Road test.


Vehicle for road test: Any two axle motor vehicle excluding a motorcycle.